Monday, January 23, 2012

jerangkung dalam almari 6

Nowadays, it is hard for people to recognize which is friend, which isn't, at least for me. 

  You know that feeling when you have the urge to smash antique, heavy vases on a friend's head because he is not acting like a friend anymore, opposing to everything you do and denying whatever you were saying? yeah, i have those feelings right now.

  Mungkin dia tak boleh nak terima kenapa dia stuck dengan someone macam aku instead of kawan2 lama dia. Aku tahu aku tak sehebat kawan-kawan lama dia. Yang mostly kaya, anak orang senang, stylish, talented, undeniably bijak. All this while I tried to be a good friend, kalau pun tak hebat. All this while i blame myself when we had a fight and break the team in two

  I am not good at this. I am not good at making friends. Those people from high school, they took me as their friends because no one else want to be my friends. Ask her for instance. 

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Redjasper said...

i am your best friend in past, present and future. why? cuz u'r different. And I loooovvveee diffnerent XD