Monday, February 7, 2011


Some people address him as Ze Feline. But keep it at the DL (down low), he ain't that hot.

think I'm cute?

Not cute enough?
how about this one?

Don't be deceived by that innocent look. Take a look at some of this.

scratching neighbours' car tyres till they go pisshhht(bunyi tayar pancit).

lewd act in public.

going through the garbage bags.

peeing on neighbours' pot plants.

p/s: snapped this stuff just this morning when I'm about to go out. I didn't realize he's such a @#$%$%$#


adiLa said...

boleh aku gget die? :)

tukangkarut said...

sila kan. on the spot aku hulur :0

~BubblyBubble~ said...

dila :jgn..kecik ade "pendamping"

farr : tlong la tampakn mke kechikBESAR ini..18x bce post nih,18x gram tgk die..