Monday, May 27, 2013

hanya bosan cuti gawai.

hello ladies.

Baru tadi, I saw a humongous (wow, such a big word) biawak darat just beside dad's car. And it's a normal reaction for anyone to have the urge to scare it away. Takpun, pukul kepala dia sampai dia mati je. instead of going outside, i got inside to get my glasses coz I can't see pretty well. But then I heard children's voices from next door. Aaannndd I refused to go out. 

You see, not all people enjoy other people's company.
And now they are playing in my lawn.

p/s: did you noticed how I could see the biawak earlier before I go get my glasses to see the biawak to kill it? mind-boggling is it.

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