Saturday, January 2, 2010

this is for you

Dear you,
this is just for you.
i know i've made you worried through the night.
do you still remember of our conversations about songs and arts?
well here's one for you.

thanks a lot babe.

p/s:the song is for no imagination is just running furiously wild lately.sorry for the confusion and the i-really-want-to-know-but-im-faking-my face questions like who's the new partner thingy.hahah.i'm an idiot(queer eyes on me)


~BubblyInBubble~ said...

aku ke?aku ke?!!
wahh!!x ksh la jnji i luv u coz post vid nih!!!!!!!!!

tukangkarut said...

bukan kamu setann.
eh eh,lebih suda.ha ha