Thursday, November 19, 2009

wasn't it beautiful?

it wasn't fun..

if u fight with your sweethearts
if u r away from ur friends
if u keep hearing complains
if u need to think what to do to fill ur time(either beneficially or vice versa)
if u got someone keep urging u to leave what u enjoyed doing most
if u keep missing someone
if u get on ur parents' nerves
if u keep listening to that same ol song because u have said to people u r addicted to it
if u need to wait for the youtube vids to buffer
if u really wanna talk to that someone but u can't coz u r having fight with her and need to keep ur ego
if u need to think of ur future and plan ur study
if u have to make decisions that can interfere others
if u need to do some schoolwork although u are in ur holiday
if parents keep asking abt ur test papers
if u can't play in the rain,until the rainy season ends
if u have to go to bed early,when all ur friends are staying late chatting
if u are envy with a friend,whose having a great time with his new girlfriend

these are some of my complains for this holiday and upcoming school terms.and some are from my friends.i do realized we complained a lot,but that is the point of having a write out what is in ur heart.and no one can say a thing abt it :)

moral:stop whining and make a change

super cute!!!
i just realized that the points and the title contradicts so much


~BubblyInBubble~ said...

nobody envy a fren who's having a new girlfriend!!!!!i've enough of him.nk tau,bru aku sdr slame ni nme rabbit aku,ikn aku sume nme JO.why oh why...

tukangkarut said...

la....x kate ko pun......hihi